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Joan Kyler

I always start to worry when a regular blogger fails to post for an unusually long time. I'm very happy that Mr. C is over the crisis (as are you). I wish him a speedy recovery and I hope you can relax a bit now. Best wishes.


Thank you, Joan, that's very kind.


You were missed - and I'm glad to hear that Mr C is now recovering. If Books for Living proves to be anything like as good as Will Schwalbe's book about his mother that will be an excellent choice while you're still feeling fragile.


So glad that Mr. C is on the mend. It hasn't been quite tha same without you.


Thanks, Mary.
I'm greatly enjoying the book (almost finished it now).


I'm touched, Fiona - thank you!


Oh goodness, I am so pleased that he is recovering well. I had kept checking, and was concerned, and you were certainly missed.


That's kind of you, Deborah, thank you.


Thank goodness you're back, and that all is well. I was concerned and am glad that the crisis has passed. Keep recovering, both of you.


Thank you, Mary, and I do appreciate everyone's concern.


I have been checking and wondering and so am delighted to hear that things are back on an even keel again. Hurray for an uneventful life!

Fran H-B

Very pleased that Mr C is much better, and you can both begin to get back to ‘normal’. I, like others here kept checking and wondered what had happened. Having been through a crisis with Mr H-B in the past six months I know how it completely turns the world as you know it upside down. Ours too is more ‘ normal’ now.


Yes! Thank you, Lucille.


Very glad to hear that, Fran. Here's to good health all round.

Marina McIntire

Nice coincidence: I'm in the midst of the same book (my bedtime reading). Struggled with it at first, as it somehow was not what I expected. Which was ???? I went back after a couple of weeks and now I am deeply engaged. I hope that everyone at the "C" household stays healthy.


Oh good, there you are! So sorry to hear of the drama but happy that your Mr is recovered. Take things slowly then you will get back into the rythm of your normality.


Thank you, Marina!
I shall be sorry to put down the book (I have just a few pages to go) as Will is such a pleasant 'companion'.


Good advice - thank you, Toffeeapple.

Mr Cornflower

Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts, and thanks especially to Cornflower for her tlc. Illness is a burden not just for the ill. I wish you all good health wherever you are.


Oh, how horrid for him and you and your children, so pleased all is well now. I love normal.


Thank you, Claire.


So annoying, I can't sign in today but callmemadam here.

I'm so sorry to hear of Mr C's illness and very glad he's on the mend. I missed your posts!


Glad you are back to 'normal'... there is a lot to be said for it, and I'm very happy that the cause of your absence was something that you could recover from (i.e. that it wasn't something worse, though obviously pneumonia is bad...).

Look after yourselves. Helen

PS It does feel a bit odd to write this as I don't actually know you in person but I had been hoping that nothing too difficult was going on.


Thank you so much, Barbara.
Typepad was down for a long time yesterday due to 'scheduled maintenance'; when it came back on, I found I couldn't amend a published post, while others reported issues with posting images, so it may be that your difficulty signing in is also related to the spring cleaning going on behind the scenes.


I know exactly what you mean, Helen, and thank you for your concern.


We often think that when we are in situations such as sitting at the bedside of someone ill, we will read. But as you note, we usually find ourselves unable to concentrate due to worry. So glad Mr C has recovered, though if his recovery is anything like my husband's post-pneumonia bout, he will likely be lacking in stamina for several months. It does tend to knock the stuffing out of you.


Thank you, Mary, I shall make sure he bears that in mind and acts accordingly.

I am far across the pond from you, I'm so glad to hear your husband is mending. I too have a husband with pneumonia. He is not quite mended yet, but getting there we think. We hope some spring weather will help. Hoping for recovery for both our spouses.


Sending you both our best wishes, and yes, some nice spring days can provide a boost to the spirits and the body.


I was hoping your long absence was down to a lovely long holiday and I'm so sorry that your husband has been ill Karen. I hope he continues to get better and you are getting the rest you need yourself now. Take care.


Thank you, Catherine. Everyone's concern and good wishes are much appreciated.


Gosh Karen, good to hear that all is well and the patient is mended. That can't have been at all nice, bring on the 'dull' I say! xx


It's been quite a saga, Lynne! xx


Like other commenters, I was worried that something was wrong, and I'm sorry to hear that you were indeed in the midst of a family health scare. Glad that things are settling down to normal!


Thank you so much, Karen.


I'm so sorry that you and Mr C had to go through that experience but very glad to hear that he is on the mend and life is getting back to normal.


Thank you, Liz.

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