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Part of my current library haul is Laura Freeman's The Reading Cure: how books restored my appetite.It is about how reading and subsequently trying the recipes she found in books, from Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Robert Graves to J. K Rowlings Harry Potter stories gave her the courage to conquer her anorexia.I'm also about to read Barbara Trapido's Frankie and Stankie for my book club. I've enjoyed several of her novels in the past, so am looking forward to this one.


The Reading Cure is excellent! (There's a post on it here: )
I've never read Barbara Trapido though often heard good things about her books.

Dorothy Goudie

Currently reading Circe by Madeline Miller.


I hope that's going well, Dorothy (I have it waiting).


I'm just dipping in and out of it at the moment. I'll be very interested to hear if it prompts you to read any of the books.


Claire, your 'dipping' approach is probably better than my linear one!

Mr Cornflower

I have just finished a very familiar old favourite and am about to start something new. The old favourite was a volume of PG Wodehouse stories about a plausible scallywag called Ukridge who is a an endless source of hare-brained get rich quick schemes which go hilariously wrong. The new venture is (are?) two books by John Buchan. "The Three Hostages" reintroduces Richard Hannay, hero of "The Thirty Nine Steps", while "Sick Heart River", described as his "most powerful novel" and completed a few days before his death, follows its main protagonist in an epic quest across the wilds of Canada. Both Buchans are in excellent new editions from Polygon Books and I am very much looking forward to reading them.


You were quick to bag those Buchans!

Mr Cornflower

I'm not the one browsing "buy Highland Cattle" websites....

Dark Puss

I was going to ask, now I do not need to :-)


Guilty as charged!

Dark Puss

Well I am reading the usual mixture of fact and fiction. Strongly recommended but I'll wager a small calf no one else here is likely to say "oh yes just what I am looking for" is the excellent (even if I find it tough going) CMOS circuit design, layout and simulation by R J Baker. Probably of more interest is my slow progress (don't blame the book) through A spell of winter by Helen Dunmore. I reserve judgement/comment as always until I have finished it (though by saying that you will know that I find it at least "good").


If I ever feel the need to design a circuit I'll know where to come! Thank you, DP.


callmemadam here.

I'm reading A Beautiful Game by Mark Nicholas, which is only of interest to cricket lovers. In tandem, the most recent No.1 Ladies Detective Agency book. Perhaps your interest in cattle has been inspired by Mma Ramotswe?


A Beautiful Game might find a good home here - thank you for mentioning it.
As to the cattle, I hadn't thought of Mma Ramotswe as an influence, but maybe on some subliminal level!


As usual several on the go at once: Miss Ranskill Comes Home, Barbara Euphan Todd ( of Worzel Gummidge fame) a Persephone I found in a charity shop, loving it, certainly quirky. Also on the go Tim Dee’s Ground Work; he edited this collection of essays on People and Place. Full of familiar and unfamiliar writers. Should sleep elude in the small hours I turn to my Kindle loaded with The Child by Fiona Barton....trouble is its rather compelling to read on to find out who’s baby it was found buried in the garden of 63 Howard Street rather than read a few chapters before sleeping again!


I enjoyed Miss Ranskill.
It sounds as though you have a good mixture there, Fran.


Just finished, and absolutely loved, The Librarian by Salley Vickers and trying to finish Sharon Bolton's The Craftsman, which is taking me longer than usual as it is genuinely creepy so not good for reading just before bed!
Also enjoying Our House by Louise Candlish and The Salt Path by Raynor Winn - for very different reasons (although the latter makes me angry that some unscrupulous person could do what they did to Ray and Moth)


So glad to hear you loved The Librarian as I should be getting to it soon.

Elizabeth Guster

I’m reading the Fagles translation of “The Odyssey” along with Adam Nicolson’s “The Mighty Dead”, and I’m waiting for the new Emily Wilson translation of “The Odyssey” to do a bit of comparing. Influenced by Lynne the Dove Grey Reader. Also just starting Hazel Rowley’s biography “Franklin and Eleanor” for my book club.


Mr. C. speaks highly of The Mighty Dead, and Emily Wilson's translation has been very well-reviewed.


Hello Cornflower Books, just finished Everything I Never Told You, Celeste Ng - had found Little Fires Everywhere disappointing so was keen to read the 'break out' book 'Everything...' - recommended it to two other friends who both missed - as I had done - the twist at the end. Thoroughly enjoyed 'Everything...' now romping through Peter Carey's A Long Way from Home - super, super, super.


Great! Thank you, Rose.

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