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I never did fancy that book, Tirzah always unsettled me for some reason.


Having reached a certain age, I no longer try to finish books that simply don't capture my attention or annoy me due to characterizations that run amok, plot confusion, or especially, when an author works just a little too hard to show how erudite they are. Or think they are... :)


I can see why.


Very sensible.

Dark Puss

Ha! I don't finish perhaps 20% of the books I start. Why bother ploughing through?? If I am not moved by a piece of music or a picture in a gallery I move on pretty quickly, why should books be so different? OK so you need to read more than page 1, but after page 40 I feel it is probably not worth my limited time or effort if I am not engaged.

Jane from Dorset

Thank you for being honest


You are right, of course. It's so seldom that I don't get on with a book that I always think I must persevere!


I hope I don't put off anyone who has been thinking of reading the book, but for me it was a disappointment.


Agree with Mary! The older I get and the further away from syllabi, the less patience I have with books I don't get on with. I am now ready to abandon a book on the slightest whim.


I may have to abandon The Reader On The 6.27 by Jean Paul Didierlaurent though I have got to page 101....

Cosy Books

Oh dear...Long Live Great Bardfield is one of my favourite Persephone titles. If I lived on your side of the pond, I'd be calling you over for a cup of tea and a chat, Karen. Sorry you didn't have a good reading experience with this one, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Anne B-A

If the game isn't working, change the game.


Quite right, Peggy; I think I am too forgiving for my own good.


It can be hard to give up on a book when you've already invested a lot of time in it - though to continue if it's not working is to throw good money after bad (to thoroughly mix my metaphors!).


It does, Darlene, and let's hope we can meet sometime for that cup of tea and a chat about the many Persephone titles which have given us great pleasure!


Wise words, Anne.


Hear, hear!


I used to find it really hard to give up on a book because I felt almost duty-bound to finish what I had started but I have to admit it gets easier each time now especially as my reading time is now restricted and so not to be wasted on something I am not enjoying.

Dark Puss

I walked out of a Mahler symphony at the Proms once :-) No reflection on the orchestra I hasten to add!


You are so right about not wasting time, Liz.


We walked out of an opera once (The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh, Rimsky-Korsakov). It was a very hot evening and I was six months pregnant at the time.

Linda from Each Little World

I sent to the UK for it and made myself finish it. But it was a slog and so disappointing to discover neither the writing nor the lives were what I was expecting . . ..


Thing is, if this kind of whimsy-with-a-heart is your kind of thing, you'll love it (I did!); if not, it will bore you to tears. And I guess by p.101 you know who you are...

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