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Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

I love Elizabeth Goudge. And oh, to have a house like Damerosehay ...


Oh goody. I'm definitely in the market for a doughty matriarch called Lucilla. It might stiffen my backbone. She could even be my alter ego. It would only take one letter change!


Wouldn't that be wonderful!


Lucille, you must also have a sidekick in the shape of an ancient maid called Ellen, and Obadiah the occasional gardener!

Joan Kyler

Elizabeth Goudge was one of my mother's favorite authors. I kept some of her books, but the only one I've read is The Dean's Watch. I liked that one. I desperately need some reading that makes my shoulders drop!


If you do turn to her, Joan, I hope EG will work her magic.

Mary Ronan Drew

I was delighted to find my library has a copy of The Bird in the Tree. I've requested it and look forward to it greatly. I'm a huge fan of The Little White Horse and Green Dolphin Street.


Super, Mary! I've yet to read the two books you mention, though I'm sure we have a copy of The Little White Horse.


I think I'll chime in with: I loved Green Dolphin Street. Found it in the library while at Uni, and it just clicked. So different from where/when I lived at the time.
At your recommendation, I'll see if the library has The Bird in the Tree.


Mmmm I do like The Bird in the Tree...but MY favourite is The Scent of Water. I re read so many of them every so often to just visit that world

Julie Witmer

Elizabeth Goudge is my favorite author! And The Bird in the Tree is my favorite of the Eliot chronicles:)




That's another I haven't read yet but plan to - thanks, Diana.


She is so refreshing, isn't she Julie?

Simon T (StuckinaBook)

Oo I've been meaning to read this one (and have HAD this one) for so long. I've only read The Middle Window, and really liked it, and apparently it's far from her best.


Haven't read that one, Simon.
Lovely to see so much affection for and interest in EG, here and on Twitter and IG; she seems to stay in people's hearts.


I've just ordered this (and a couple more of her books) following your excellent review.
I am in need of a lovely reassuring read. Thank you!


You're welcome, Sam; I hope you'll enjoy it thoroughly!


I'm enjoying the book but have taken a violent dislike to Lucilla.


Thank you - I'd heard of EG but never read her. Being in need of an old fashioned read I checked out The Bird in the Tree and it was just what I needed to escape our Washington DC antics...
I want to review it on my blog and may I use the following quote from your blog?
"Pick up an Elizabeth Goudge novel and from the first page you will feel your shoulders drop"
I will of course credit Cornflower Books w/ the quote and link your blog throughout.


By all means, Deborah! So glad you enjoyed the book.

Biddy Brown

Harewood House, the house Elizabeth Goudge set her Damerose Hay books on, became a hotel, fell into poor state, was demolished in late 1970’s and replaced by 12 houses in a culdesac ‘Harewood Green’, Keyhaven. Hampshire U.K. The area ambiance remains much the same and is valued highly by we residents fortunate to live here. Biddy B.


That is very good to hear, Biddy - thank you!

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