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Annie D

Hoping for a full and relatively quick recovery from such a terrible accident. I've never skied and I'm even less likely now at my advanced age (55), as it seems like such a scary sport, always on the edge of disaster. Somehow it feels worse to have something like this happen when you were supposed to be having fun.

All the best to your husband - and you, as you get back to normal.


I'm with you, Annie, I don't ski - I tried it once and it was clearly not for me. Unfortunately for my peace of mind, my family all love it.
Thank you for your good wishes; Mr. C is much improved from the sorry figure who was hooked up to numerous monitors and drips in the hospital's intermediate care unit this time last week.


Oh, poor Mr C! So glad he's safe at home and recovering. It's not been a good year for him, has it?
I'm with you on skiing (sp?); I've never watched The Jump but it seems extremely dangerous!


Sorry your relaxing break turned into such a horrible time for you both. Sounds like a lot of comfort reading will be needed.


Thank you, Barbara, and yes, he has been through the mill a bit lately.
I don't understand what they all see in skiing!


Ei, yi, yi, Mr C! How miserable for you (and Mrs C). Can't imagine the train ride was too much fun, but glad you had an alternate way of getting home. Hope the healing process goes by quickly. I used to ski so I know how much fun it can be. As for high-risk, Mrs C, for almost 30 years I drove 100 miles(RT) a day to my work in DC--now THAT was dangerous! :)


You're right, Ann.
There was a PG Wodehouse book waiting for Mr. C. when he got home - but as laughing is painful it may not have been the best choice!


I can believe it, Mary!
Two of our trains were late so our connections were very tight, and then when our taxi from one Paris station to another got gridlocked due to a demonstration and we had to jump out and 'sprint' the last bit to catch the Eurostar to London, we did think we were done for - that and the apparently missing bag at London's King's Cross ... I daresay we'll laugh about it one day!

Joan Kyler

I thought things like that only happened to us! It does seem worse that you were supposed to be having a good time. Time in the hospital doesn't qualify as restful! My best wishes to Mr. C for a rapid recovery. I hope you take care of yourself, too. Caregiving can be exhausting.


Hope Mr C has a speedy recovery. Broken ribs aren't much fun - my husband has had one twice (he's a cyclist). Look after yourself as well.


I hope peaceful and calm times for you both now. Take care and very best wishes.


Thank you, Joan. I'm relieved to be home and that he's in (more or less) one piece.


No !
Many thanks, Janet.


Thank you so much, Claire.

Susie Vereker

Oh dear, bad luck, poor Mr C. Journey sounds a nightmare too.


Actually the train trip was probably one of the better parts -- I've traveled all over the US and Canada by train and seen so many gorgeous places that I would never see from a plane. Plus there is room to stretch out and move around. When I travel by plane I get both sick and terrified. Much better to have some possible marginal discomfort but be able to eat decent meals and see lovely scenery. The connections would be a real hassles and the joggly along. So sorry about the ski accident. I have enough trouble controlling my mouth and my feet were ever so much further from my brain! But heights and slipping are way behind me now that I am in advanced middle age.

Good luck to all and I hope that Mr C. gets to read Wodehouse soon. Eric Newby wrote about a long train trip -- he's a great (and funny) writer. Meanwhile sit down with a cup of nice tea and a good book and or your knitting needles and take a well deserved break!


OUCH! That train excursion added insult to injury--not to mention more pain. Hope the bag was found...and that one day you can laugh about it (but not yet, Mr C, as I'm sure it hurts way too much to laugh).


Not too bad, actually, Susie - train changes apart! I think the worst bit was the last leg (London-Edinburgh) which seemed to go on forever.


Thank you, Ginny. The scenery was rather featureless, but on the whole it was a pleasant journey.
I think we have all Eric Newby's books so I must look out The Big Red Train Ride.

Cosy Books

It's impossible to read about Mr C's fall without wincing. Wishing him a swift recovery; he's in very good hands! I do love the idea of a long train ride though....


What rotten luck, poor Mr C. I hope his recovery continues apace.

I have never been tempted to try skiing - ice skating has always been my limit.

Dark Puss

It is an excellent read!

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