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That's such a lovely book. I've just been looking on my shelf and can't find it, must have had it from the library - what a shame. I'm re-reading The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne which suits my dour Celtic soul! Probably just as well I didn't go panic-buying tonic wine and sweet sherry!


Yes indeed!


I’ve just finished reading this. At a time when we’re all on isolation the descriptions of the gardens and how they change over the holiday were even lovelier. It was such a feel good fun read.


So glad you liked it, Semi - "feel good" is exactly what it is!

Karen K

Possibly the most comforting book I can imagine, right up there with Jane Austen and Angela Thirkell.


Oh yes, definitely a book for these times. Perhaps I'll watch the film again, which is lovely, as you say and has added Michael Kitchen. I was just thinking about both the other day and putting them on my list of comforting things.


I loved the book and adored the movie.


Remember it first time around with Cornflower

Jane Saunte

Beautifully written by Elizabeth von Armin, one of the most under-rated female authors. An elegaic Barbara Pym. For those who cannot get out, it is on offer TODAY (4th April) as the Kindle Deal of the Day for £0.99,if you buy before midnight British Summer Time.

Margaret Powling

Snap!!! I have recently mentioned the book and the film (sounds like a TV panel game!) on my own blog, Karen! Love them both. Indeed, I lent my DVD of the film to someone but can't recall to whom I lent it, so I've bought another copy. I think it's the perfect film for April, perfect location, a simple story, and wonderful casting. Even a young Michael Kitchen in it, before his Foyle's War series. And it is also nice to have a glimpse of Linley Sambourne House in London (not that I've been there, but it was the home of the late Lord Snowdon's great-grandfather, a Punch cartoonist) in which Mrs Fisher lives (Dame Joan Plowright).


Good company there, Karen!


Michael Kitchen is great in it!


Both are perfect!


It was fun!


Many thanks for pointing that out, Jane.


Off to look up the house now - many thanks, Margaret!


After reading your blog entry I looked up the author & book and bought a used copy with a very nice cover. The book is a light and easy read and the humour is wonderful, too. Looking forward to the film after reading the book. Thank you for your interesting blog.


You're welcome, Regina, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the book.


I read this one a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. In fact, I saw the film first as I'm quite a fan of Michael Kitchen as are some of the other people who have commented here too. I also loved the author's German Garden book, but that's all I've read so I must find more by her.


I must read the German Garden book!


This is a favorite of mine, too & just re-read it as a comfort book during this covid time. I did have to laugh, though, because all through the book, they talk about how old Mrs. Fisher is. Turns out she's 65. Perhaps 65 was old when von Arnim wrote this, but I don't consider it old anymore. lol! Love the movie version, too.


65 is no age at all!

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