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Congratulations, Karen - what an achievement! It sounds fascinating - I want to read it already!


Aw, thank you, Mary! It's been a real labour of love but also tremendous fun!


Coming out of lurkdom to say how wonderful that is! I am really happy for you and hope eventually a US publisher will pick it up, but I won't wait and look forward to snapping up a copy as soon as it is out. Congrats! So nice to hear some good news!

Claire (The Captive Reader)

Congratulations! This sounds wonderful and is such exciting news.


Wonderful news! Many, many congratulations on a great - and inspiring - achievement. I shall really look forward to reading The Tapestry Garden as soon as it’s out. The wider world definitely needs a dose of your creative and ever generous outlook on life :)


How exciting! Huge congratulations. I look forward to reading your novel as soon as it is published.


Thank you, Danielle! A bit like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it in the sea, it will be interesting to see how far my story goes in terms of other lands.


Thank you, Claire! It's so lovely that people are sharing in the excitement.


What a lovely thing to say! Thank you, Caroline.


Thank you so much, Jenny!


Gosh, well done; it sounds great and just the sort of thing I'd like to read.

I have my original childhood Puffin copy of The Secret Garden with the cover shown in your picture. It was my favourite book.


Congratulations! What an accomplishment! It sounds very much like a book I would like to read.

Cosy Books

I am so thrilled for you, Karen! I'm already drawn to your story and perhaps a post about the process of choosing the cover art. Congratulations!


It's a book which has had a great reach, hasn't it? I hope mine lives up to its inspiration.


Thank you, Maudie, and I hope you'll get the chance to read it before too long.


Thank you so much, Darlene! Yes, I'm very keen to see what sort of cover the book gets.

Lesley in OR

I am also coming out of lurkdom to send you my congratulations on this wonderful news!! I know how difficult it is to land a publishing contract (my husband has three books under his belt, with another in the works) and I can imagine the joy and excitement you felt when you got word of your contract. I will eagerly await more news about the book and if it's released in the UK before the US, I will find a way to get a copy as quickly as possible. Best wishes to you, Karen! What a thrill!


Les, that's very kind - thank you!

Pamela N.

What wonderful news. I've been a follower of your blog for some years and always love your writing. It's great you've expanded into fiction. Looking forward to reading the book - will it be published in English in the UK? Please keep us posted.


I very much hope so, Pamela, and shall certainly keep you posted! Thank you for your kind words.


Tremendous news, Karen. Congratulations. Look forward to reading it. Won't mind ordering from UK if it's not available in US.

Dark Puss

I knew it was coming and was hoping you would be able to say something before too long. Fantastic news and very well deserved. I will be reading it with great interest naturally. Much love from the darkest cat x


Thank you, Mary - everyone's enthusiasm is tremendously encouraging!


Thank you, DP, and you may be surprised to know that there are cats in the book!


Many congratulations! We will have to be patient ... Something to look forward too. :)

Dark Puss

Yay Katze :-)


Thank you, Grace!

Nora Veitch

Congratulations! What fantastic news. I will certainly be purchasing this enchanting sounding read 💙


Congratulations! This is wonderful news and indeed something to look forward to.

Oh . What good news ! Congratulations. If you have any book signings, I look forward to coming. Anne


Thank you, Nora - I'm so glad it sounds appealing.


Thank you, Freda, I can't deny it's a really big thing for me!


Thank you, Anne, that would be so nice!


I am just so excited about this!! And very proud of you! Looking forward to the book, which I will buy the minute I see it for sale!


Thank you for such kind thoughts and words, Nan - all hugely appreciated!


Congratulations on the publication of your book, it sounds intriguing. When I held the hardcover copy of the first book I co-authored, I felt that like a baby, it had taken many months to nurture and create.


A little late seeing this, but coming out of lurk to say many congratulations! It's a huge achievement. I hope you enjoy celebrating your success, and contemplating it with a smile in quiet moments.

I look forward to reading this happy book with music, and gardens and cats. Just what I need at the moment. Helen


Thank you, Terra, and you're right about the many months of nurturing!


Thank you, Helen, and I do hope anyone who reads it will think of it - as you so beautifully put it - as a happy book. I should mention that alongside the cats there is also a dog!

Claire Milne

Well done and congratulations! Look forward to it. Let us know if you're having a signing in Edinburgh.


I shall, Claire, and thank you!

Marlene C English

Karen, congratulations! What an accomplishment! Looking forward to reading it.
Visiting your blog is always enjoyable, and new treats abound every time.


Thank you, Marlene!


Congratulations!! I look forward to your book's release.

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